The American Psychiatric Association is governed by the Board of Trustees. The Bylaws of the Association vest the Board of Trustees with the authority to make policy, manage the affairs of the Association and to formulate and implement the policies of the Association.  The Board of Trustees is comprised of national and regional officers and trustees elected by the membership. 

The Assembly is the entity representing the individual members in the affairs of the Association.  It is comprised of representatives from the Association’s district branches who are elected by the members of the district branches.

The Joint Reference Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Trustees that acts as a liaison and screening mechanism for the Board, the Assembly, and the Association’s components.  It refers issues for study to various components and coordinates their recommendations for further consideration by the Board and the Assembly.

The Components of the Association are the Councils, committees and task forces which report to the Councils.  These components report to the Joint Reference Committee.

Action Item Tracking System (AITS): The status of governance actions (including Action Papers

                                                                    Position Statements) through the Assembly, Joint Reference

                                                                    Committee, and Board of Trustees can be tracked using AITS.

APA Operations Manual: Association policies and procedures, following the APA Bylaws,

                                               are made available to APA members in the Operations Manual.

APA Governance Meetings Schedule: An updated list of APA and APF meetings.                                   

APA Governance Leadership Orientation: Information portal for APA leadership

APA Disclosure of Interests and Affiliations Policy (2009)