2 Percent Sequestration Cut for Medicare Providers Takes Effect

Thu April 04, 2013

(Arlington, VA) - As previously reported by APA, all Medicare services provided by physicians are now subject to a 2 percent payment cut due to federal expenditure ‘sequester’ as a result of the Budget Control Act of 2011. The 2 percent cut will be imposed on the underlying charge that a participating physician receives from Medicare; coinsurance is not affected. Under current law, the sequester will be in effect for nine years unless Congress and the White House are able to reach a significant deficit reduction agreement that replaces it.  We encourage APA members to contact their Senators and Representative and express how the sequestration cuts are affecting their patients and practice.

To view the most recent guidance from CMS on sequestration and claims payment, click here.

To see an overview of sequestration’s effects on other federal expenditures relevant to psychiatry, please see the write up in APA DGR’s recent RushNotes.

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