APA Human Rights Award Recipients

2009 - Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI) and Robert Okin, MD with emphasis on Dr. Okin’s work with MDRI

2008 - Alfred Freedman, MD
2007 - Steven Sharfstein, MD
2006 - President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter (joint-individual) and The Carter Center (organizational)
2005 - Dr. David Lozovsky (posthumously) and Drs. Leon and Carola Eisenberg (joint-individual award)
2004 - Walter Reich, MD
2003 - Senator Paul Wellstone (posthumously) and Senator Pete Domenici
2002 - Individual: Dr. Gro Bruntland; Institutional: National Association for Multicultural Mental
2001 - Dr. Semyon Gluzman
2000 - Abraham Halpern, MD and Prof. Lars Jacobsson
1999 - Eugene Brody, MD

1998 - Jack Weinberg, MD (Posthumously)
1997 - Justice Richard Goldstone
1996 - Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims, Copenhagen, Denmark, with special mention of Inge Kemp Genefke, MD and Lawrence Hartmann, MD particularly for his human rights work in the APA
1995 - Physicians for Human Rights
1994 - Geneva Initiative on Psychiatry
1993 - Richard Mollica, MD

1992 - American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Committee and Staff on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility