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Are you a student interested in psychiatry? Becoming a psychiatrist can be a rewarding and fulfilling medical profession. In this section, you will find information about psychiatry as a career choice, educational opportunities and resources in pursuing this specialty.

What is a Psychiatrist
Subspecialties in Psychiatry
Externships and Travel Awards 
Applying for Psychiatry Residency
The Residency Experience
Clearinghouse of Vacant Psychiatry Residencies and Fellowships
NEW!  Building a Career in Psychiatry (transition from medical school to residency)

Loan Repayment/Forgiveness Programs

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Medical Student membership is free!  Use APA’s resources and worldwide network to learn about the many aspects of a career in psychiatry, such as residency training, choosing a fellowship opportunity, building your own practice, and continuing your medical education to keep you on the cutting edge of patient care.


PsychSIGN is a national network of medical students interested in psychiatry, from those with a rough interest in the brain and mind to those already in the application and match process. They connect students across the country to their peers, to psychiatry residents, and to practicing psychiatrists from a broad range of subspecialties. They  provide mentoring opportunities, resources for your health and career, and ideas for expanding your interest group. Membership is free!