Bruno Lima Award


Recognizes outstanding contributions of District Branch members to the care and understanding of the victims of disasters. Contributions include designing disaster response plans, providing direct service delivery in time of disaster, or in disaster consultation, education, and/or research.


A certificate.


District Branch members who have made contributions as outlined above. Nominations are made from each District Branch (maximum of two members per year per branch). Previous Lima Award winners are ineligible.


Selection is made by the Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disasters


Nomination letter should be signed by the District Branch president and include a description of the District Branch's selection process, a one-page description of the activities for which the individual is nominated, and a description of the disaster event(s). Submissions must also include a letter summarizing the nominee's contributions, a one-page biographical sketch of the nominee, and any other supporting documentation.


March 1 for consideration for the following year's award. 

Staff contact:
APA Office of International Activities


Past Winners