Mobile Applications

Relief Central

Relief Central includes The World Factbook from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Field Operations Guide from USAID, the CDC Health Information for International Travel (The Yellow Book), MEDLINE Journals, and Relief News from the CDC, Red Cross, FEMA, ReliefWeb, and more. This free resource delivers up-to-date information to assist those sent to disaster sites.

Relief Central is available for download to your favorite smartphone including iPhone®, BlackBerry®, Android™, Palm®, Windows Mobile®, or Windows Phone® devices.


WISER is a system designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents. WISER provides a wide range of information on hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression advice.


Radiation Emergency Medical Management: Guidance on Diagnosis & Treatment for Health Care Providers