Preparation for Scope of Practice Legislation

Preparing for Advocacy Scope of Practice
Sample Letter to Legislators Re: Psychologist Prescribing 
"Key Points" Hawaii Talking Points 
What Psychiatrists Know 
What is Psychiatry Fact Sheet 
Training Comparison Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Wyoming 
Talking Points in Opposition to Psychologists Practicing Medicine
RxP Training Comparison 
Education & Training : Psychiatry vs. "Prescribing Psychologist"
Psychology Rx Education Chart
CPA Task Force on Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists in Canada

Testimony and Analyses


Analyses, Letters, and Background

AMA Comparison of NM and LA Psychology Prescribing Statutes
Transforming Mental Health Care at the Interface With General Medicine: Report for the President's Commission 
Report of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology 
APA Letter to USVI Senator Patrick Sprauve, Annelle Primm, M.D., March 10, 2010 
APA Comments to Oregon Work Group in Draft Prescribing Bill Jan.10, 2010 
Veto Message, Oregon, April 8, 2010 
Oregon Governor Vetoes Senate Bill 1046, April 2010 
APA Letter to Oregon Governor 2010 
Guest Bill Opinion Would Permit Prescription Writing Without Proper Medical Training 
HB 170 New Mexico Psychologist Prescribing Bill, 2002 
Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau Report, "Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists: Issues and Considerations" 
Questions for Rx Bill Proponents 
New Mexico Draft rules for PhD Rx Authority: APA Comments, 2004 
Louisiana - Act No. 11
Dr. Miller Letter to NM Governor


HI Testimony of Jeff Akaka, MD 
HI Testimony Kenneth Hirsch, PhD, MD 
Testimony of HPMA's President SB 736 
Testimony Opposing SB 917, Melissa West, M.D., Feb.4, 2008 
Testimony in Opposition to Oregon S.B. 1046, Tanya Tompkins, PhD, Feb. 2. 2010
APA Testimony to Virgin Islands Committee on Health February 2010
APA Testimony - Missouri 

Training Programs

Psychiatric Training Requirements for Non-Psychiatry Specialties 
Physicians and Non-Physician Providers: Academic and Training Requirements --Hawaii 
Color Map-Current Psychopharmacology Training Programs
AACGME Program Requirements for Family Practice

Complexities in Prescribing Medication

Fool’s Gold: Psychologists Using Disingenuous Reasoning to Mislead Legislatures into Granting Psychologists Prescriptive Authority OPPAGA "Limited Evidence that RxP Improves Access Issues" 
Allowing Psychologists to Prescribe Medications Would Be Dangerous 
Prescription Privileges for Psychologists
Psychopharm for Dummies 
Medications Psychologists Would Like to Prescribe 
Warnings for four antipsychotics
Factors Related to Medication Prescribing