Diversity Awards and Fellowships



         Additional APA Fellowships 


    Jeanne Spurlock, MD Minority Fellowship Achievement Award

     Diversity Awards  -  Deadline for Nominations - June 1
Kun-Po Soo Award - Recognizes significant contributions toward understanding the impact and import of 
    Asian cultural heritage 
    Solomon Carter Fuller Award
- Honors a Black citizen who pioneered an area which has significantly 
    benefited the quality of life for Black people.
    John Fryer Award - Honors an individual whose work has contributed to the improvement of the mental 
    health of sexual minority communities.
    Simon Bolivar Award - Honors a prominent Hispanic statesman or spokesperson.

    George Tarjan Award - Recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to the 
    enhancement of the integration of  international medical graduates (IMGs) into American psychiatry.
    Alexandra Symonds Award – Recognizes a woman psychiatrists’ outstanding contribution in promoting 
    women’s health and advancement of women.
    Oskar Pfister Award - Honors an outstanding contributor in psychiatry and religion.